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Benefits of a Data Catalog

Data analysis has been a common word in business for many years. Most of the informed business owners are aware of why adopting data management in their business is important. However, most of them are not quite sure of what they need to do with that data. The more information you have in your hands, the more difficult it becomes. The solution to this problem has a data catalog. A data catalog is an organized set of data used for decision making in an organization. The data catalog is used to provide a knowledge graph of the information needed for decision making. One of the most common examples of knowledge graph is in the search results of most search engines. The data catalog is very important in management. In this article, we are going to look at how a data catalog can help in business. Read more about data catalogs on this link.

The data catalog is helpful in analyzing different types of data collected. A business can be able to collect different types of data. You can have spreadsheets of the sales records, customer information and even policies and internal memos. All this information from different sources can be massive when putting in different formats. But unfortunately, it also has to be accessed by different people in different formats. For example, the marketing team may want to see the same information as the management and financial departments want to look at. With a First Mile data catalog you can have all this information retrieved through different lenses and fro different purposes more easily.

A data catalog helps to make the expansive and overwhelming set of data easier to access. A department is able to access the information they need more easily without feeling overwhelmed by the different forms of information they have to go through. A data catalog will be able to use the knowledge graph knowledge to connect combine and even filter different sets of data in order to provide the only needed data by the user.

A data catalog helps to save knowledge. Departments can now be able to browse data more easily which saves their time. Without a data catalog one would have to go through a massive collection of information searching for something small. This can be very tiring and time-consuming. But with a data catalog, all this can be done in just under a few minutes.

To conclude, the above are the benefits of a data catalog. Learn more about catalogs here:

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